$ 75.00
  1. Do you have a special occasion? Need your extensions made overnight? Skip ahead we'll ship your locs in 48- 72 hours!....


1. Remember our locs are hand made, we will make & ship your locs with in 48 hours of purchase (72 for Custom or dye requests - not including weekends). 

2. For , Natural Hair Supplies,  Kinky Curly Afro  collection we will fulfill  your order 24 hours of purchase.

3. Add a note if you have special instructions .


4. After 48 hours, just check your email for tracking number from USPS + TEXT (646) 504-0636 for updates

4. Your locs will arrive via USPS  1-day Priority Mail   

5. If you are Stylist Text Us IMMEDIATELY and we will EXPEDITE YOUR ORDER 

5. Be kind!  Once your order is placed, don't call us too often, to change your order or tell us about your hair dresser. It will only distract our team and take us away from making your order perfect! 

Blessings! Team kHinky 



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